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I just wanted to let you know that I received my sweatshirt yesterday and I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship. I was also pleased with the quality customer care and prompt order processing and shipping. Thank you FMR!



Thanks very much for the great job you did on our Scholarship award! The recipient was very pleased and our membership appreciative of the beautiful design. I'm very glad we chose Full Moon Rising for this important event. I'll be in touch again soon with other ideas and needs.

Best regards,



Karen, this may be the best customer service I've ever gotten! You've been great, and I really appreciate it.



You guys have great quality and customer service. The jacket that I received is very well made and a great style. The only thing I did not account for was that it was a slightly fuller cut of the Large. So, I called your customer service and they very quickly and without hassle began hooking me up to exchange the jacket for a Medium. No fuss or muss! I can't wait to get the new Medium-sized jacket. It will be great for the warmer weather.

Seperately, it's great to be able to still find great quality American made clothing, with some effort. I try to buy American as much as practically possible. I hope you all continued success.

VR Pat


The experience has been great!! You have all been so helpful and quick to respond, design, quote, ship, etc. It has made my job much easier and I cannot thank you enough! Overall - wonderful :)

Thanks again,



Thanks so much for all your help and the awesome job keeping me informed. I will definitely keep doing business with you--your customer support is among the best I've gotten.



Thanks again to you guys for your fantastic work. I received the banner on Friday afternoon and walked it down the street on Saturday morning. In addition, I passed out 500 of the foam helmets before the parade, and they were so popular I didn't even make it two blocks before I was out. Definately need to order more soon. It all turned out fantastic. As soon as I get photos, I'll get you some.

Thanks again for making me look good, a damn difficult job sometimes!



My order arrived safely. The jackets and vests fit perfectly and, as always, the quality is superb. Thank you so much for treating this tiny order from Canada with such care and efficiency. It is much appreciated and a pleasure doing business with you. I plan to order a couple more jackets in the fall.



Bryan, received the jacket. Workmanship is outstanding as I expected it would be and it certainly is. The embroidery is top of the line. Thanks again. I would like to take the time if you care to listen about Mike:

The individual that I'm going to give this to tomorrow at breakfast. He's one of about 15 of us that grew up together as kids and teenagers and all of us went into the military, which represented ever branch of the service and served proudly In Viet Nam. We have a bond that no matter were our lives took us we've kept. At times there were many years that we may never seen each other but that bond could and never has been broken. Mike sure will wear the jacket proudly, 1st the jacket represents being a Marine 64 - 68, 2nd it represents serving our country in Viet Nam. Mike certainly is a proud, decorated Marine, and you know once a Marine always a Marine. Thanks for listening and believe me I could write a book about were all our lives have taken us to, and how we came to this point of our very colorful lives.

Jerry K.


Hello! Just wanted to let you know that the shirts arrived today and my husband is thrilled with them. The fabric and workmanship is beautiful! We try to buy only made in USA products and it's been several years since we were able to find flannel shirts. Thanks so much for the emails and phone calls, you provided exceptional service and I will be recommending your site to our friends and family. God bless the USA!

Thanks again,

Elaine Bedore


Hi Bryan! Everything arrived on time and looked great!

Thanks for your help!!

Wendy Pierce

Hobo Int'l


Also I just wanted to tell you that it has been a real pleasure doing business with you. We had gotten some Carhartt jackets done by some one else and it has been nothing but headaches for us, so our next order will be entirely done threw you. so thank you for making my end of this easy. Thank You

Ben Schell

Pipefitters Local 120


Thanks so much for working with me on this rework of the polo shirt. I work in manufacturing(machinist), so believe me, I understand that crap happens sometimes!! Your service has been amazing.

Thanks again.



"Just wanted to say thanks to Bryan, Kerry, and Jeff for the excellent customer attention I have received from FMR. Couldn't be happier to find quality USA made clothing at reasonable prices again."

Mark Odom


What a wonder you are, thank you! It is delightful to find people who are professional, organized and friendly. I am impressed.

A wonderful Christmas season to all of you,



Got the shirt and it is great. I only buy on the internet because you can't buy American clothes in stores. I have sent an editorial to many newspapers promoting buying on American made sites on the internet. So far 4 papers have printed it. What you American companies need to do is have a national promotion campaign for Americans to use the American made sites on the internet to buy what they need, instead of wasting gas to go to a mall to buy products made overseas. If all of the companies that still make products here got together to promote my idea, we could create millions of jobs with just spending 25% of our money at these sites. So many people have approached me about my article, all saying they had no idea they could buy American made products on the internet. Please get together with my idea and save your jobs and factories.

John Palise


I've been finding USA manufacturers from a website called stillmadeinUSA.com and that is where I found you. I've stopped ordering from Lands End because they no longer use USA suppliers. You look like you may be a substitute for them. Keep the faith and Merry Christmas!


Marie Conrad


Bryan / Kerry I received the fleece pullovers that I had ordered, I am VERY pleased with the quality of the workmanship in the pullovers. I am also VERY, VERY pleased with the quality of the embroidery of the MARINE CORPS emblem. Thank you

Jerry Kancar


Thank you very much for the expedient service and the awesome products. I am very pleased! Matter of fact, I mentioned my experience with your company to my affiliates and they would be interested in ordering T-Shirts in the future. Thank you again. I look forward in doing business with your company again very soon.

Best regards,

Maria DiDio

"Rose & Thorn" Self Defense Fighting System for Women


Once again, you have exceeded my expectations!! The bags are AWESOME!!!!! You ROCK!!!! Thanks!!!

Susan Charter

Mortgage Services


Hi Bryan: Just got the caps- They turned out AWESOME- I think the full logo works better on the black- I will be making more orders with you- It is a perfect relationship! High Quality, Fast Service, Good PEOPLE!


John B. Carnett

Nano Brewing Technology



On behalf of the Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics - IAFF Local 2068, we would like to thank you for your professionalism and tireless efforts in assisting us with rewarding our members with a "Union" made shirt when they join FirePAC. Here's another fine example...when union sisters and brothers work together there's no telling what we can accomplish! Thank you Brother Bryan for ALL that you do!

John R. Niemiec

Vice-President IAFF - Local 2068


UPS just delivered, and the vest looks absolutely perfect. You guys do the best work!! Have a good new year, and thanks again.



It was a 100% satisfactory doing business with you. I was proud to tell everyone my gifts were made in the USA. You need to tell people about your business, THANK YOU



Another successful event and, again, the foam helmets you recommended were a slam dunk! Only problem, I didn't order enough. Please send me what this past order of hats, coloring books, pencils and erasers consisted of so I can make notes for next time. Thanks again for your genius.


Fairfax County IAFF Local 2068


I just received the folders and they are awesome, thanks so much.

Karen Pecora

1st Vice President Unit 9200 CSEA


Bryan Got my bags. They are GREAT.... Thanks so much.

Deb Scheff