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International Shipments

Yes we will ship to International addresses.

We have a number of long time repeat customers who live all over the world. They have something in common, they all want clothing that is Made in the USA. 

A brief explanation of the process and why it is what it is may be in order:

We are primarily a company that sells decorated clothing. The companies we buy from who make USA Made clothing, make it primarily for companies like us who put embroidered or screen printed logos on the clothing.

However we can also sell it blank to those who just want clothing made by companies in the USA, staffed by US workers.

They will not however ship to International addresses.

So we came up with a solution. When you order, we ship the items to us, then repackage and ship to you the least expensive method. Normally via the USPS.

When you place an International order you will see $0.00 for shipping.

Once we get the order we will contact you with the actual cost. Once you approve then we will start the process

Since we sell from over 30 manufacturers, your order may come from more than one location. Once all items are in our office, we will pack it and ship, then send you notification it has shipped.

We will issue a prompt refund if you do not approve the shipping cost.

This is the only way we can make this work, and we do not charge any handling fees, only actual shipping costs.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

The only way to get a shipping estimate is to place an order, we can not provide shipping estimates without an order being placed on our web site for International orders.