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Online Order System:

We recommend that you create an account when you place an order. We do not store your credit card information, and we do not sell your information to anyone. You will not end up on someone's mailing/calling list after shopping with us.

If you create an account, you can log in and track your orders, we feature UPS Signature tracking. You may also view previously ordered items, they show up as small photos, and allow you to click on them as easily reorder a favorite item.

When you place an order you should get an order confirmation e-mail almost immediately. After that expect to get additional messages keeping you up to date on the status of your order. The last message you get will include an order summary as well as a UPS tracking number and link to track your package, as well as the expected delivery date.


How long does it take to get my clothing?

Blank Clothing will ship within 1-7 days, unless it is on back order. We do not stock clothing normally unless prior arrangements have been made for a fulfillment program. We offer a very wide range of clothing, and work directly with the manufacturer.

Decorated Clothing will take 2-4 weeks for delivery. We offer the unique ability to decorate and customize your clothing in many ways, and with no minimums. To deliver a quality custom product takes time, if you need it sooner please see the info on Rush Orders below.

Rush Orders: If you have a specific event and need your item sooner, please make a note on the order in the comments, include the date you need the item by and we will contact you to verify your order and confirm whether or not we can make the deadline. You may also contact us prior to placing the order to see if it is possible for us to meet your deadline. We are very good at meeting deadlines and can sometimes make what seems impossible happen for you. A rush order charge may apply, this is dependant on whether or not the supplier charges a rush fee, or if expedited shipping is required. You will be notified of any rush fees prior to processing your order.


Shipping Rates?
Shipping costs have risen considerably due to the cost of fuel. UPS now has not only a fuel surcharge, but a delivery area surcharge, and they charge more for residential delivery than commercial. The delivery area surcharge does not apply to all locations, the fuel surcharge does. We do not make money on shipping fees.

We hope this explains a little about your shipping fees and why they might vary, or seem higher than you expected.

If you are shopping online, then your shipping will be calculated via a live connection to the UPS web server, or the United States Postal Service web server if you are shipping outside the continental United States. All rates are based on the zip code you enter as the shipment destination.

We do not charge a handling fee.


What fonts are available for embroidery?
This Adobe Acrobat PDF File contains fonts that are available for embroidery. Note: Most but not all fonts displayed are available, but this will help us see what style you like and either match it or find a substitute that will work in its place.


What thread colors are available for embroidery?
View a selection of available thread colors. The color you see on screen may not exactly match the color of the thread due to differences with how your monitor or browser displays the image. We use the Pantone matching system to match colors for logos and imprints.


Are the colors shown online accurate?
The photos shown with each individual item may not exactly match the color due to differences with how your monitor or browser displays the image. We use the Pantone matching system to match colors for logos and imprints.


How close can you match my logo colors with embroidery?
In most circumstances we can match your logo color very closely. There are several factors that come into play that affect how the color will look in the finished product.

The first factor of course is the choice of thread color and type. We use only top grade threads.

Thread is dyed just like the material the clothing is made from and there are slight differences in each dye lot.

The direction of the stitches can affect the way a thread color is perceived after it is embroidered.

The color of the material it is embroidered on can affect how the thread color will appear.

The type of light you are viewing the logo in can affect how the thread color will appear.

Please provide Pantone color specifications for best results. This will allow us know exactly what you mean when you ask for a color, PMS Red 185 vs just asking for Red.


Options and Gifts:
We at The Union Shop want you to be pleased with the items that you purchase. There are many options, and once an item is embroidered or the heat transfer is applied there is no chance for corrections. The best way to ensure that your order is correct is to review the e-mail confirmation that is sent after you place the order. Call us immediately if you find that the confirmation is does not match what you intended to order.

At the bottom of most order form pages is a comment box "Any additional comments or requests concerning this item?" If you have questions concerning any item you are ordering, please include information in this space.

Also, on all pages is a box to check if you want us to call you prior to completing the order. This will allow you to discuss additional options or answer any questions you might have.


Special Requests:
We can accommodate most special requests, time permitting. We pride ourselves on "Making Things Happen" for you. So even though you think it might be too late, give us a call, we just might be able to surprise you.

For rush orders please call Customer Service at 630-513-8728


Custom Logos and Art Fees:
Custom logos are available for your Company or Organization. Our team of designers can assist you in developing a custom logo. We can help even if all you have is a sketch on a napkin or an idea.

If you have your own logo, we will prepare it for placement on our extensive line of clothing and promotional products.

There may be nominal charges to prepare your art for an order. We may waive the charges, this is done on a case by case basis and will depend on the size of the order and what we need to do to get it ready for production.

Some charges you may encounter are: (We notify you of what to expect when we quote or discuss the order with you. There should not be any surprises.)

Custom Art Creation - $50 per hour - This is a fee for us to create your artwork. In most cases this fee is waived if the art is created in conjunction with an order. we will notify you of any charges prior to beginning any work.

Trademark Fees - Start at $250 - If you intend to trademark original art we have created then there will be a Trademark fee for us to release the art to you. Otherwise you are authorized to use art we have created for you only on products we provide to you.

Art Prep Charge $25.00 - Used to convert your art to vector format if you submit art in a bitmap format or something that is not suitable for the process we will use to imprint your product. You may wish to review our art guidelines for more information. Submit your art in Corel, Adobe Illustrator, and EPS formats if possible. Specify PMS colors if possible in the art.

Logo Digitizing Fee $25.00 or more - This is used to convert your logo to a format that our embroidery machines can use to sew your logo. We pride our selves on the quality of our embroidery and will rarely use a logo that was set up by someone else. This is just like the foundation on a house, if it is not done right, then your logo will never look it's best. There may be an Art Prep Charge in conjunction with this if we need to prepare the art for the digitizer. (Based on stitch count in final design, $25.00 minimum, additional $2.50 per 1000/stitches in design above 10,000)

Screen Charges $25.00 - This is a fee to create the screens that the screen printer will use to print your art. There will be one screen charge for each color used. if you have a shirt with logos on the front and back, and each is 2 colors, then you would have 4 screen charges of $25.00 each. Some of our printers will reuse the screen of you reorder within a year, other do not save them. If you plan on reordering let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Manufacturer Set Up Fees $25.00 and up - These are fees the manufacturers charge us to set up your logo in their process. It may be a Mold Charge, Hot Stamp Die Charge, Laser or other Engraving set up, etc. We work to minimize these and sometimes our excellent relationship with our suppliers will enable us to pass a waived setup fee along to you.

Please contact us if you have any questions not answered here. [email protected] or call 630-513-8728