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Custom Screen Printing

We offer both Union Printed and Non-Union Printed. Everything is done in the USA of course. When you inquire please specifiy if you need it Union printed or not.

For our high end specialty printing we work wirh a nationally recognized leader in the screen-printing industry for more than 15 years, we offer their award winning HiRes AccuColor four-color screen-printing process along with many other specialized printing techniques. Through our offerings, we give you access to many of the hot new retail looks that are driving the market today. If you don’t see it online, just ask. Chances are that if you’ve seen it, we can print it.

Unique Screen Printing Locations!

Simulated All Over Screen Printing

Let us show you what is possible in screen printing today.

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Screenprinting/thumbs_accucolor_1.jpg Screenprinting/thumbs_accucolor_10.jpg

HiRes AccuColor

Our proprietary four-color screen-printing process, HiRes AccuColor consistently blows away our competitor’s simulated or standard four-color process prints. Our HiRes AccuColor prints are printed at 120lpi versus the competition at 65 lpi. There are no higher quality prints on the market today and we have stacks of awards to prove it.

Screenprinting/Halftones1.jpg Screenprinting/Rhinestone2.jpg

HiRes Halftones

Designs with subtle tones, complex blends and gradients are printed using HiRes Halftones, which are printed at 120 lpi vs. the industry standard of 50 lpi. Our HiRes Halftones are by far the best in the business and fine halftones have never looked this good.

Screenprinting/thumbs-standard4c-g1.jpg Screenprinting/thumbs_standard4c_3.jpg

Standard 4 Color Process

An alternative to our high-end, proprietary, four-color screen-printing process, HiRes AccuColor printing, we offer standard four-color process, an economical printing solution that helps drive home a brand’s message at an affordable price. Good quality prints at an affordable price.

Screenprinting/thumbs_spot.jpg Screenprinting/thumbs_spotcolor_2.jpg

Spot Color (most common process)

Our Spot Color Printing provides a simple and cost effective way to print designs and logos on garments. Some of the hottest retail looks on the market today are printed using a series of spot colors, unique locations and high-impact designs, ultimately creating cutting edge printed garments.

Screenprinting/thumbs_ecofriendly_2.jpg Screenprinting/thumbs_ecofriendly_1.jpg


An environmentally friendly option for tee shirt printing, our Eco-Friendly printing process uses water-based inks. Free of most environmentally damaging chemicals such as PVC’s, phthalate, heavy metals, azo compounds, nonylphenol and formaldehyde. Water based ink ingredients are non-toxic and lead free. They also print up super soft which is a huge benefit for oversized designs.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_retailsoft2.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_retailsoft_2.jpg

Retail Soft Process

Retail Soft Process provides ultra soft prints and a trendy retail look. Designs feel as if they are practically dyed into the garment. No Pantone Matching of colors can be guaranteed with this process.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_washout_1.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_washout_2.jpg

Washout Process

Wash Out process gives your garment a completely soft worn out look. Wash Out intensity will vary from garment to garment making each print unique. Finished colors can be guaranteed with this process.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_dischargeub_2 (1).jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_dischargeub_1.jpg

Discharge UB (UnderBase)

Use this super soft underbase with our HiRes AccuColor and Spot Color jobs for an incredibly soft and comfortable print. Colors are not as vibrant as our HiRes AccuColor or standard four-color process prints but have a cool distressed vintage look. Great for projects where your clients are looking for that soft retail look and feel.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_discharge_1.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_discharge_2.jpg


Discharge printing creates completely soft and subdued images. Your design is essentially bleached into the garment so there is no heavy ink build up since there is no ink with this process. Finished tones will vary with shirt color and style. If your clients looking for a unique cool retail look our discharge printing might be the option for them. Finished colors cannot be guaranteed with this process.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_colordischarge_1.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_colordischarge_2.jpg

Color Discharge

Color Discharge is not for amateurs! Color Discharge is full on retail-style printing with tinted discharge inks. Bright colors and soft printing is no problem. The ink is dyed into the garment for total softness. No Pantone matching of colors can be guaranteed with this process and a preproduction proof is recommended. There is no softer print!

 Screenprinting/thumbs_puffink_1.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_puffink_2.jpg

Puffy Ink

Puffy Ink raises the ink adding dimension and interest to any design. Puffy Ink is great for adding accents to many designs giving your garment a custom look and feel.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_splatter_1.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_splatter_2.jpg

Splatter Process

Splatter process can be a great addition to any shirt to give it that retail edge. The Splatter pattern will very from garment to garment giving each shirt that unique one off look. No Pantone Matching of colors can be guaranteed with this process.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_diamondplate_1.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_diamondplate_2.jpg

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate process gives any design the look and feel of raised metal. Perfect for the automotive, repair and construction trades, or anyone who’s looking to create a cool impactful design.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_softmetal_1.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_softmetal_2.jpg

Soft Metal

Soft Metal process adds intense reflection and dimension to any design. Soft Metal is a great way to add excitement to any project. NOTHING will “POP” more than Target’s Soft Metal process.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_rippedmetal_1.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_rippedmetal_2.jpg

Ripped Metal

Ripped Metal process provides a grooved metal imprint with very sharp edges. This process is absolutely unique and will add interest to any design.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_gooeyglitter_2.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_001.jpg

Gooey Glitter

Gooey Glitter Process is available in 10 intense colors. Great for adding some sizzle to any design. Gooey Glitter is perfect for adding interest and excitement to any kids or women’s designs.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_appliprint1_03.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_appliprint2_03.jpg

Apliprint Process

Aplliprint process gives any design a simulated Applique look and feel. By superimposing a design over a dimensional print for that Applique look.

 Screenprinting/thumbs_leather_2.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_bat002.jpg

Leather Ink

Leather Ink process gives any design a soft weathered leather look and feel. Great for projects where having that worn in distressed leather look would be a benefit. Giddy Up!

 Screenprinting/thumbs_metallicshimmer_1.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_metallicshimmer_2.jpg

Metallic Shimmer

Metallic shimmer ink adds small vinyl particles to the ink giving your design a cool metal shimmer effect. Target’s Metallic Shimmer will not tarnish in the wash. Available colors include silver, gold, red, blue, green and black.

Screenprinting/thumbs_glow_1.jpg  Screenprinting/thumbs_glow_2.jpg

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark ink allows you to add hidden messages in your designs. Hidden messages will be revealed when the lights goes down! Images glow for up to 5 minutes and recharges in under a minute. Designs will retain glowing power forever. How cool is that!